a weekend full of dancing, competitions, and geekery

Geeks Will Unite

Join us in Nashville, TN February 16th-18th (President's Day Weekend) for a revamped blues workshop aimed at exploring blues idioms, reshaping our competitions, and creating spaces to get educated and nerd out to your heart's content.

What can you expect for the inaugural year?

  • 2018 Class Focus: Blues Idioms 101- Getting back to basics and
  • 2018 Musical Focus: Celebrating Female vocalists and artists through our Bands and DJs
  • Class tracks assigned by multiple categories (Knowledge, Skill, and Learning Styles) and a new audition process
  • New competition variants focused on specific idioms and across multiple levels (Novice, Open, All-Star)
  • Special Presentations and Panels spread throughout the weekend so you can learn dance, history, and context with minimal interference with class schedule