a weekend full of dancing, competitions, and geekery

Geeks Will Unite

BluesGeek is back May 10-12, 2019, and it will be bigger than ever!

Registration opens February 4 at 7 pm CST



Bluesgeek is moving to st. louis, Missouri for our 2019 year

In 2018, we focused on Blues idioms and female bandleaders. This year, we have several more goals:

  • Class: Taking idioms to the next level - delving into the musical influences that drive technical movements. Learn more about dance classes, DJ training, and the Jam Track here: TBA.

  • Music: Creating awareness of lyrical content and stories that comprise Blues. Stay up to date on DJs and musicians here: TBA.

  • More Panels!: Explanatory, exploratory, musician interviews, and "midnight moments" all looking at Blues culture and context. Take a look at our awesome panelists: TBA.

It will be a full 3-day event, running May 10-12 with classes starting Friday morning. Each day will have a different dance and music theme - "Fancy Feet" Friday, Jukin' Saturday, and Ballroomin' Sunday. 

Registration opens February 4 at 7 pm CST

BluesGeek, the Event:

BluesGeek serves as an intensive hands-on blues weekend offering a variety of dance classes, exploratory panels, and live music. Learn more about Geek’s history here: https://www.bluesgeek.com/about/