a weekend full of dancing, competitions, and geekery

Geeks Will Unite

BluesGeek is back May 10-12, 2019, and it will be bigger than ever!

Registration now open!



Bluesgeek is moving to st. louis, Missouri for our 2019 year

In 2018, we focused on Blues idioms and female bandleaders. This year, we have several more goals:

  • Class: Taking idioms to the next level - delving into the musical influences that drive technical movements. Learn more about dance classes, DJ training, and the Jam Track here: TBA.

  • Music: Creating awareness of lyrical content and stories that comprise Blues. Stay up to date on DJs and musicians here: TBA.

  • More Panels!: Explanatory, exploratory, musician interviews, and "midnight moments" all looking at Blues culture and context. Take a look at our awesome panelists: TBA.

It will be a full 3-day event, running May 10-12 with classes starting Friday morning. Each day will have a different dance and music theme - "Fancy Feet" Friday, Jukin' Saturday, and Ballroomin' Sunday. 

Registration now open!

BluesGeek, the Event:

BluesGeek serves as an intensive hands-on blues weekend offering a variety of dance classes, exploratory panels, and live music. Learn more about Geek’s history here: https://www.bluesgeek.com/about/