Code of Conduct / Safe Space Policy


TALK to us. Organizers, Safe Space Coordinators, and Volunteers are trained to help. Our Safe Space Coordinators are TBA.

Help maintain a safe, welcoming environment.

If you feel unsafe in any way or are being harassed, talk to or contact event staff.

If you see unsafe behavior, talk to or contact event staff.

Use the Buddy System when walking to your car.

If you leave with a stranger, notify someone.


Safe Space Coordinators (Who you can talk to.)

Safe Space Coordinators are TBA.

A Safe Space Coordinator is anyone who has been designated by the event organizers to hold that capacity and have undergone the Safer Space briefing and training with one of the organizers. This training will involve knowing the Safer Space policy and how implement it along with scenario based training to help them understand how to properly investigate a situation, make correct decisions, and contacting the right authorities.


Policies & Practices:

Ask someone to dance and wait for yes response before making connection. “Would you like to dance? Care to dance? May I have this dance?” This sets precedent for the social floor, using our words instead of assuming someone wants to dance or using non-verbal cues (i.e. an outstretched hand or pulling someone out on the dance floor).

Anyone can ask anyone to dance.

You may always say “No” and never owe anyone an explanation.


Harassment-free environment:

We will not tolerate harassment, including verbal abuse and unwanted sexual advances. Participants asked to stop harassing behavior are expected to comply immediately or they will be asked to leave and may be banned from future events.


Zero-Tolerance Assault Policy:

Physical or sexual assault of any kind is unacceptable. We will not hesitate to remove offenders and/or ban them from future events.

Respect yourself, your partner, and those around you.

If something doesn’t feel right- speak up.

If you see or experience harassing behavior or assault from students, observers, or teachers, find an organizer or teacher, or contact us so we can handle the situation in a firm, professional, and discreet manner to maintain our safe space. We want participants to be comfortable reporting inappropriate behavior.


Other class & floor etiquette:

Please don’t give unsolicited feedback to other dancers.

Refrain from using strongly smelling soaps, deodorant, cologne or perfume. We also provide breath mints.

If you accidentally hit or kick another dancer, stop, apologize, and make sure they are okay.



TALK to us. Officers, Safe Space Coordinators, and Volunteers are trained to help. Our Safe Space Coordinators are TBA.