Help us spread the Blues!!

help the bluesGeek Foundation accomplish some amazing things in ‘18-’19!!

We are now opening up the site to take donations that will enable us to accomplish our major goals, fulfill scholarships, launch projects, and so much more!!

  • Assist dancers in attending The Blues Experiment 2019

    • In the spirit of eliminating some barriers that dancers of color face in our dance community with regard to The Blues Experiment, the BluesGeek Foundation will be offering financial aid to dancers of color who would otherwise not be able to attend the event for financial reasons.

  • purchase archival and license video for our public Blues Video Database

    • The Blues Dance on Film database is a free, publicly accessible database to give people all over the world access to clips of blues dancing. Our short-term goals include building a massive, easy-to-search database so that people can search for and watch clips by dance style, time period, region, and more (requiring no more computer literacy than shopping on Amazon). Long term goals include purchasing rights to clips currently owned by archives, and preserving/restoring/digitizing video that has yet to be studied. The current scope of the database is limited to blues and blues-jazz videos that come from outside the modern blues-dance community, and clips featuring dancers who were immersed in the music/movement cultures in question.”

  • Operate the foundation and pursue long-term goals and projects

    • It costs to maintain the different systems and processes behind the scenes that will help us build up current blues scenes and outreach/develop new scenes. Every donor that signs up to contribute monthly helps us project further into the future and determine which research projects get funded, how many scenes we can assist in their goals, and how much we are able raise the national awareness and profile of the dance with new attendees.

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  • If you want to donate to one of the specific projects above, please indicate so in the comment section when you process your donation through PayPal.

Where do my donations go?

  • For monthly donations, we allocate those according to our tiered priority list below:

    • First Tier: Operating Expenses

    • Second Tier: Current Scholarships and Projects

    • Third Tier: Planned Projects

  • For your individual donations, we will typically honor your request to allocate the donation to the specific scholarship or program you requested. However, the BluesGeek Foundation reserves the right to re-allocate single time donations based on operational needs.

Questions? send us a email at