Want to submit an idea for BluesGeek 2018?

Continuing the mission we started at Mo’ Better Blues, BluesGeek panels serve to educate attendees on multiple aspects of blues and provide opportunities within the community for expression and share knowledge. For the 2018 year, we are prioritizing panels or presentations related to our dance and musical themes (blues idiom 101 and female blues artists) though other submissions will certainly still be considered.

 Here’s how it works...

Choose a presentation or panel style

10 Minute Presentations: Designed to communicate an idea or concept in a short amount of time, these moments have the power to ignite conversations throughout the weekend and serve as insights to the core values and themes of the weekend. Particularly for 2018, we are looking for topics that focus on the family of dances and female artists though we will certainly still consider other topics as well. While there’s no immediate Q&A time for this portion, all of our 10 min presenters will be available to discuss their presentations Sunday afternoon after the completion of classes.

1 Hour Panels: Taking the 10 minute concept further, these provide a workshop for ideas to be tested and discussed, delve deeper into a historical aspect, teach participants on a highly desired skill (organizing, teaching, DJing, etc.), or tackle a current or emerging issue within our scene.

Tell Us about your Topic

While you don't have to submit your final presentation by the deadline, we should have a strong understanding of your submission purpose and topic.  For guidance, use the following questions to help guide you...

  • Tell us a bit about yourself in a few words
  • What is your presentation focused on?
  • Why did you choose this topic?
  • How will this topic inform the community?
  • Explain how your presentation would work
  • What do you want attendees to take away from your session?
  • What materials and tools will you or attendees need to participate?

submit your proposal

Submissions are open now and close December 22nd. Send us your proposals to In the past, submissions have included video explanations, outlines, or a few well designed paragraphs that communicated the idea. The BluesGeek board will notify selected presenters by January 5 along with any proposed changes or suggestions.   

additional details

  • For 10 min presentations, one presenter for the content. For panels, you are allowed a max of 3 presenters. Presenters will receive reimbursement for their time.
  • Feel free to ask us questions about the process through the official email (and not through FB or texting organizers) so we can make sure you are answered in a timely manner.